This nomination form is for the Technology for a Better Tomorrow Award.
Companies have a powerful opportunity to think about applying their technologies to local, regional, and global challenges. This award recognizes an innovative technology that enables users to give back to the community, creates awareness on important issues, or effects positive change in the world.

All information submitted in the application is kept confidential. The innovative technology MUST have been introduced within the past 12 months and developed

Due to overwhelming responses in past years, we have created a semi-finalist round, which will be based solely on your application. Please make sure all answers are fully completed and address the questions asked. Those that move on to the next round, will be REQUIRED to present during our in-person judging panels on JUNE 19th from 4-7pm.

There is a $50 application fee that will be collected before you submit this form. This fee covers the processing and review of your nomination.
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